Colin Henry is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Political Science at Vanderbilt University. He is a political scientist working on questions at the intersection of political violence and digital communication technologies. His dissertation asks: how does the architecture of online social spaces radicalize digital communities? Read a draft of his project proposal here (pdf).



> Peer-reviewed
Digital Footprints and Data-Security Risks for Political Scientists
[with Dr. Cassy Dorff and Dr. Anita Gohdes]
PS: Political Science & Politics (2022)
Does Violence Against Journalists Deter Detailed Reporting? Evidence From Mexico
[with Dr. Cassy Dorff and Dr. Sandra Ley]
Journal of Conflict Resolution (2022)
Wartime Sexual Violence and Foreign Fighters
(Under review)


> Community
Vanderbilt Graduate Ideas Symposium (2021)
Organized and run by graduate students, VGIS (pronounced “veggies”) is a space for Vanderbilt grad students at any stage to present ongoing work and get feedback from their peers in a conference-like environment without expending the resources for registration, travel, and accomodation.
> Code
conflictNet is an NSF-funded R package for the creation, cleaning, exploration, and modeling of conflict-related network datasets. Under co-PIs Dr. Cassy Dorff (Vanderbilt) and Dr. Shahryar Minhas (Michigan State), conflictNet provides accessible network analysis tools for political scientists studying interstate and intrastate war.
(Under active development)


> Data Science for Social Good Fellow

> Research on Conflict and Collective Action Lab Fellow